Introducing Doggy Planet

Today we bring you details of a GREAT Dog blog! are an up and coming dog blog packed to the rafters with content including:

  • Best buy guides
  • Reviews
  • Hints and tips
  • Infographics

Plus much, much more. They have an active social media presence, where they’re available 24/7 and they participate in lots of interaction. They regularly run competitions for the readers of their blogs and also bring you details about special offers for the best canine products available on the market.

Check out their latest blog:, reviewing the absolutely fantastic Andis AGC Super 2-speed dog clippers and bringing you the best prices for all 8 colours – yes, you read that right EIGHT different colours, which means you’re bound to find the perfect set to fit the personality of you and your pooch!

Amazon has over 300 reviews of these clippers and Doggy Planet, brings you the best of them.

The owners of are life-long pooch lovers and dog owners. Living with up-to 5 dogs at a time, owner and blogger had this to say:

“From a very young age, I’ve lived with dogs. We had Buster as a puppy, when I was just a child – over 30 years ago! I remember him through all of my formative years. He was my best friend and to this day, I am yet to find a better companion!”

“I’ve always befriended dogs, they’re more loyal than humans and they’ll listen to everything that you have to say. Whenever, we’re at the park, dogs are just naturally drawn to me and I too them. They help me de-stress and forget about the world and its problems. My life is more fulfilled with my dogs around. I am less stressed, less anxious and generally just more productive with much more energy and I know it sounds strange, but genuinely – my dogs bring me all this joy and so, so much more.”

“I created Doggy Planet because I love trying out new pooch products! I am a complete TECH GEEK and combining my love of tech with my love of Dogs, was an easy, no brainer. Everything we review on Doggy Planet, I or my other bloggers have genuinely tried and tested! We wouldn’t bring you details of anything unless we’d genuinely used them ourselves.”

“We also love to adopt and give a home to pooches that have been abandoned and we implore you check out the Blue cross for pets website, if you have the space and love to offer a dog a home.”

Be sure to check out the Doggy Planet website by clicking here, they’re constantly adding content on a near daily basis!

Check out the video below to see the aforementioned Andis AGC 2 speed dog clippers in action: