GRP Roofing for your dog shed or kennel

If like us, you treat your dog (or any pet for that matter) like an extended member of your family – you want the best for them. Sometimes, there’s not always enough room in the house for your animals to live in-doors. Many people opt to put their dogs in a shed or outbuilding. These can be damp and often cold. We were recently informed about a technology called GRP roofing. GRP roofing is a durable, cost effective roof suitable for flat surfaces – such as a shed! It also enhances the security and appearance. Forearmed with this information – we looked for a GRP roofing Birmingham company. We had QC Construction Group recommended to us.

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic that’s re-inforced with strand mat glass-fiber to create a laminate. Enough about the science behind it! You’re hear to read about how it can benfit your beloved canine. The obvious benefits are as follows:

  • It retains heat – keeping your furry, 4 legged friend warm
  • It will improve the appearance of your building/shed/extension
  • It lasts up-to 30 years!
  • It’s water tight – meaning your dog stays dry!
  • It requires very little maintenance
  • There’s a choice of colours

The service provided by QC was painless. They come out, took measurements, gave us a quote, we accepted and 5 days later we had a brand new GRP roof on the shed or as we like to call it – the dogs house!

It’s not just for sheds tho. You can also GRP roof your dog kennels, creating a warm, cosy and hygienic environment. The flatĀ fibreglassĀ GRP roof acts as a great layer of protection for your dog kennel. Because of it’s heat loss properties, it guarantees that the temperature inside the kennel is right for your dog, even in those extra wintry months of the Cold British calendar.