Artificial grass for your pets

There seems to be a fallacy attached to artificial grass and that is that dogs and animals alike will not like or enjoy artificial grass as much as the real thing. This couldn’t be further from the truth and in-fact artificial grass comes with it’s own unique set of benefits!

Dog lovers particularly tend to stress about their best friend not liking the sense, odor or appearance of artificial grass, fearing that this may result in problems indoors as well as out. The truth is, pets discover that artificial grass is both delicate and pleasurable and will play on it and have fun pretty much as they would on real grass. We are a community of dog lovers based in the West Midlands, so we scoured the internet and yellow pages to find an artificial grass Birmingham supplier to find out a little bit more about artificial grass and how it can be of benefit to animals and owners alike. We contacted Wishaw Grass (part of the Wishaw Landscapes group) to find out what they think and also what they offer – they even provided an informative video, displaying how pain-free installation is!

The Benefits of their artificial grass

Due to the fact artificial grass is very easy to maintain – your dog or pet is able to use and play on it 365 days a year come rain or sunshine. There is also no need to keep your dog or pet inside, where previously you had to maintain your lawn by fertilising, mowing or weeding using chemicals. You won’t have to do any of this with artificial grass. Your garden will be available all year round and not just in the summer!

Maintaining and caring for your artificial grass

Wishaw Landscapes had this to say:

“Let’s be honest – dog, cats and generally pets in general can be uber messy. Whether its playing in mud or eating grass and then being sick. With our artificial grass Birmingham service, you won’t ever have to worry about stains or horrible smells!”

“Artificial grass is porous so urine and other liquids drains through the surface of the turf into your gardens soil. Pet poo can be simply removed, allowing a green, vibrant, flowing – undamaged lawn and garden. There will be no visible muddy patches on your artificial grass or inside your home! You lawn will remain looking as refreshing as your indoor floors and your pet will get the best of both worlds, without getting disciplined. It really is a Win-Win.”

Wishaw Landscapes artificial grass is a breeze to install. This means you won’t be without a lawn for long – installation can typically be within one day.

We have many readers that already have artificial grass installed and state that they would never return to having real grass again!

Special offer!

Until 28/02/2016 – Wishaw Landscapes are running a special offer for our readers! Get 10% off by quoting “dog lovers” to them when enquiring about their excellent services!