24mm rope dog leads

24mm decking rope

A hot topic of discussion is what sort of lead\leash should I use for my beloved canine? We recommend purchasing your own rope and rope end fittings and creating your own high quality rope dog lead. This ensures you aren’t going to waste your money purchasing an inferior Chinese import or something of equal poor quality.

We recommend using 24mm decking rope as the main component of your dog lead. The reason we suggest using 24mm decking rope is because it’s made from a natural, strong, durable fibre with a perfect three strand construction. It’s also not too thick for your dogs neck and is also lightweight – meaning less pressure is applied to your dogs neck and jugular area. The rope that we recommend is provided by ridethewaves.co.uk and is top quality marine rope that’s designed to last.

Once you have your rope, it’s time to determine the length of your dog lead. Once the length is decided, your next step will be to choose from one of the many decking rope end fittings. It’s always a good idea to have a solid brass end fitting for your lead to complement both its look and quality. Creating a robust dog rope lead with a beautiful brass end and clip will keep even the largest breed of sea dogs under control!

Creating a dog lead out of 24mm decking rope ensures a traditional look is achieved and also ensures that your dog will remain on its lead without it breaking, splitting or fraying. Rope is strong and will provide your dog with enough room to explore during your walks out together. It is important that you select the length of your rope carefully. Most dog leads are created at either 4 foot, 6 foot or 8 foot for the larger breed of dog. Ensure you choose and cut your rope to a length that supports both your dogs look and size.

Marine rope and decking rope end fittings are used throughout the pet world and not just for the use of dog leads. Cats use rope for scratching and stretching and dogs have been known to rest and balance on rope! So why not purchase a little bit extra and see what else you can build and create for the entertainment and pleasure of your best friend!